Testing Bitwig

Bitwig is currently offering a English sale. The Bitwig runs on Linux and offers similar features as popular clip / midi editing DAWs like Ableton Live.

So I though a good reason to test the program once again. There are a few featurtes I was missing in open source DAWs I checked out so far (Ardour, Qtractor, Lmms):

  1. quick slicing
  2. drumpad or pad like sampler that could be triggered from a midi controller

This is exactly where it excels over thos three mentioned DAWs:

  • Very quick slicing and then adding to a drumpad instrument or a multitrack.
  • Midi editor switchable between notes & pad content ( = sample name) albeit the piano roll was not adjustable in its width to accomodate longer sample names.
  • Fleximble routing & direct interfacing to Jack

But I was a bit disapointed about:

  1. the control over zooming and region selection (e.g. no zoom to selected region)
  2. the control over playback modes (play all, play region/selection, jump to start, etc.)


  • From what I have seen, I can see some potential in the software for my personal use because it offers most functionality which scattered over so many different tools in the libre music production world:
    • Beat slicing with Shuriken or Audacity
    • Drumming with Hydrogen
    • Sequencing with Lmms
    • Midi editing with Qtractor
    • Mixing with Ardour
  • Bitwig needs to improve the user interface tremendously to make this more intuitive!
  • I will certainly keep watching this software.
  • Bitwig’s manual should be searchable and have more key words, e.g. transport control
  • For my current status in music production, it will help me but its status does probably not justify the puchase, even if only 199EUR/USD .
  • –> I will first learn more basics of production and then be better able to unlease the software.
  • ==> But maybe I will execute a purchase and use the 14days revocation period to check it further…


  • The impressions all came from a few hours of typical trial&error testing.
  • This was done without consulting many manuals or checking only one ( Bitwig Studio is not Ableton Live: Onsets )  of the few online videos & tutorials that exist to explain the use of Bitwig

DJ spinning brazilian classics

Just discovered via Oficina da Música the TERÇA do VINIL com DJ 440 in Recife, Noth-East Brazil.

DJ 440 is a DJ since 1997 and dedictated to quality Brazilian music.


or on YouTube

Check out his offical site: DJ 440 – Música Brasileira Imperecível with downloads: Áudio / Mixtapes



K-Mix Editor now available for windows


The Editor even runs on wine in linux  –> nee to check if it can be controlled from linux?


Pioneer DJ Toraiz SP-16 coming to stores

Admittedly, it is waaayyy too strange to start the blog off with a product placement.

But since the first announcements and reports from winter NAMM 2016 (Pioneer just made the hardware sampler that NI, Akai didn’t or http://cdm.link/tag/sp-16/), I had been extremely thrilled by the features:

  1. Stand-alone: don’t wanna try&pretend be create in front of the laptop
  2. Touch-screen for sample editing –> not only numbers on numeric displays (#electribe ) or pad (#launchpad / #circuit)
  3. 8 output channels: an ideal match with K-MIX for Dub mixing
  4. 8GB + USB with fast & accessible data loading

So today I recived a mail informing that the beast is available at Sweetwater (Pioneer DJ Toraiz SP-16)

After recently releasing a video series 6 videos Play all TORAIZ SP-16 Tutorial Series Pioneer DJ at beginning of August (2016) the User Manual has now also been published for those who want more details.

The info & explanations in that manual are very promising.

Well, yet to see how the will handle firmware updates, interoperability, etc.

With the recent trend of mobile /table audio, I ask myself, why is Ableton Link not included for connectivity with the mobile world?

And reading from the manual, the effects section will need some more additions.

As with the PB vid (Saytek Interview & Pioneer TORAIZ SP-16 First Look), hopefully we will get more reviews and tutorials by the pros in the coming weeks.

I will unfold the history in music selection and creation further in other pages & posts further on.