Testing Bitwig

Bitwig is currently offering a English sale. The Bitwig runs on Linux and offers similar features as popular clip / midi editing DAWs like Ableton Live.

So I though a good reason to test the program once again. There are a few featurtes I was missing in open source DAWs I checked out so far (Ardour, Qtractor, Lmms):

  1. quick slicing
  2. drumpad or pad like sampler that could be triggered from a midi controller

This is exactly where it excels over thos three mentioned DAWs:

  • Very quick slicing and then adding to a drumpad instrument or a multitrack.
  • Midi editor switchable between notes & pad content ( = sample name) albeit the piano roll was not adjustable in its width to accomodate longer sample names.
  • Fleximble routing & direct interfacing to Jack

But I was a bit disapointed about:

  1. the control over zooming and region selection (e.g. no zoom to selected region)
  2. the control over playback modes (play all, play region/selection, jump to start, etc.)


  • From what I have seen, I can see some potential in the software for my personal use because it offers most functionality which scattered over so many different tools in the libre music production world:
    • Beat slicing with Shuriken or Audacity
    • Drumming with Hydrogen
    • Sequencing with Lmms
    • Midi editing with Qtractor
    • Mixing with Ardour
  • Bitwig needs to improve the user interface tremendously to make this more intuitive!
  • I will certainly keep watching this software.
  • Bitwig’s manual should be searchable and have more key words, e.g. transport control
  • For my current status in music production, it will help me but its status does probably not justify the puchase, even if only 199EUR/USD .
  • –> I will first learn more basics of production and then be better able to unlease the software.
  • ==> But maybe I will execute a purchase and use the 14days revocation period to check it further…


  • The impressions all came from a few hours of typical trial&error testing.
  • This was done without consulting many manuals or checking only one ( Bitwig Studio is not Ableton Live: Onsets )  of the few online videos & tutorials that exist to explain the use of Bitwig